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Die Casting

Zinc and Aluminum Casting

High quality, competitive prices and on time delivery

It is our prime concern to meet your requirement fully, small orders like big ones, get our keenest attention and utmost care. We have a wide range of capabilities:
  • Hot Chamber Machines from 40 tons to 300 tons.
  • Cold Chamber Machines from 100 tons to 450 tons.
We can produce high precision parts for the automotive industry fulfilling the ISO and the QS standards. We also produce decorative and simple parts with commercial standards.

We use the magic 5 M Formula to reach customer satisfaction:
  • Material with the right analysis to meet the customers requirements.
  • Men with long experience and continuous training.
  • Machines highly controlled and well maintained.
  • Method of production and of testing to fulfill customers requirements.
  • Management supported by the ISO 9001 Quality System to ensure maximum efficiency.